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Red Line Club Overdrive

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Red Line Club Overdrive

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Limit 1
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The RLC Overdrive membership upgrade allows fans to automatically purchase every 2024 RLC exclusive die-cast drop. This is the easy, stress-free way to get RLC exclusive cars. Members will be notified of each drop in advance and have the ability to skip any car they do not want to purchase.

  • Open to US residents only.
  • You must have an active RLC Membership ($9.99) to participate in Overdrive. If your RLC membership expires during the calendar year, you must renew it prior to the next RLC Drop to continue to participate in Overdrive.
  • User pays non-refundable one-time fee of $99 upfront.
  • User pays the retail price for each drop they participate in, plus applicable shipping, handling and tax.
  • Total annual cost to user: $9.99 + $99 + (retail price for cars).
  • RLC Overdrive program members will automatically purchase in all RLC exclusive die-cast drops unless they manually skip the order through their Mattel Creations account.
  • RLC exclusive die-cast drops will happen every 1-3 weeks.
  • RLC exclusive drops are revealed to Overdrive members before they are available to RLC members who do not have Overdrive.
  • RLC Overdrive members must abide by purchase limit rules: if the program limit is greater than 1, Overdrive members have the potential to purchase 1 through the subscription + any additional allotted by participating in standard drops.

Cancellations / Skips / Refunds:

  • Overdrive members will have 10 days to choose whether to skip a drop, and, if the Overdrive members are not given 10 days to skip a drop, Mattel Creations will credit the return of the product and cover the cost of return shipping. RLC Overdrive members can return a product and receive a refund via the standard Mattel Creations refund process with Customer Service.
  • RLC Overdrive members can cancel their Overtime membership at any time if they no longer want to automatically purchase the RLC exclusive drops remaining in the year.

RLC Overdrive allows members to automatically purchase every RLC exclusive die-cast through the end of 2024. Mattel Creations will be dropping an RLC exclusive die-cast every 1-3 weeks. Overdrive members will be notified of each drop in advance via email and have 10 days to skip any car they do not want to purchase by logging into their Mattel Creations account. Unless a member skips a drop, they will be charged the full price of each RLC drop plus applicable sales tax and shipping fees. If Mattel Creations does not give Overdrive members 10 days to skip a drop and they automatically purchase it, Mattel Creations will credit the return of the product and cover the cost of return shipping. Overdrive members can cancel their Overdrive membership at any time through their Mattel Creations account, but the enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Items and dates subject to change. Production items may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations, scale, body, and wheel type. Product subject to availability. Purchase limits subject to change at the sole discretion of Mattel. Items placed in your shopping cart are not guaranteed to be available for purchase until you have completed checkout and received an order number via confirmation page or email.