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Back in Action! Major Matt Mason Big Jim & Pulsar Figures

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Three of Mattel's first ever action figures meet again! Major Matt Mason (since 1966), Big Jim (1971), and Pulsar (1976) gained worldwide popularity with their thirsts for adventure, handsome good looks, and inventive toy features. Now they're back as ultra-ripped super-heroes. We broke all the rules and took these characters from the 60s & 70s and recreated them as a big-muscled heroes with a mid-80's comic book feel. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • “Back in Action" Super-hero Trio: Major Matt Mason, Big Jim, and Pulsar
  • Major Matt Mason (1966) lives and works on the moon since the height of the space age
  • Big Jim (1971) dabbles in everything from camping to espionage
  • Pulsar (1976) the Ultimate Man of Adventure bares it all with his transparent chest
  • We recreated this trio from the 60’s-70’s with “macho” body builds that defined action figures of the 80’s
  • Premium retro packaging

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