At the crossroads of high speed and good times, you'll find the timeless cool of the Southern California motocross community. We pay tribute to tradition with the new Fasthouse x Hot Wheels capsule collection. Here's a peek behind the scenes.


Before it was a groundbreaking motocross brand, Fasthouse began as a creative spark in the epicenter of the emerging Moto movement, circa 1968.

Fasthouse founder and Hollywood stuntman Kenny Alexander explains:

"I was very fortunate to be around a lot of creative people growing up. My mom was one of the best hairdressers in the entertainment industry. My dad was a desert racer and creative thinker who helped create legendary Indian Dunes Motocross park. They put on some of the coolest races ever."
The convergence of the Hollywood film community and the emerging motocross scene attracted heavy hitters like Steve McQueen, and filmmaker Bruce Brown, who documented it all in the landmark On Any Sunday.

But to Kenny, the community of desert racers was like family:

"All the fast guys used to come over to my grandpa's house after the races. It was just a place where they hung out—"the fast guys' house." That's how it all started. My grandmother made race jerseys and race vests for us little kids to look like our heroes."


After spending time together, we realized Hot Wheels and Fasthouse share some common threads: Both were born in 1968. Both in Southern California. Both driven by speed, stunts and creativity.

Kenny recalls: "I remember my grandpa's house, I had that orange track all over the house with the 360° loop, track going up and over couches, underneath chairs. It used to drive grandma crazy. As little kids, we would go and watch the stuntmen on movie sets; guys like Glenn Wilder, Ronnie Rondell, and Hal Needham flipping cars and doing crazy stunts, fire burns. I used to take Hot Wheels and act like there were stuntmen in there doing all this stuff. I've been around these people my whole life, and it's about creativity. Just like when you're a kid playing with toys, your mind gets creative."


Drop by Fasthouse HQ and you sense it right away: you’re in a garage full of machines, surrounded by memorabilia and the camaraderie of moto enthusiasts. These are lifers, chasing what they love. This is the lightning we tried to capture in this collaboration. Clean lines, classic feel, the roar of fun, freedom and friends.

"Making the Fasthouse brand was a dream of mine— to have a place where like-minded people could gather, tell war stories, be surrounded by cool, and learn about these legends that we're honoring," says Kenny.

Fasthouse artist Scott Dickson adds: "The Fasthouse showroom feels like you're someplace where all the legends would hang out. We took the original guys and brought them back to life."

Amanda Moldavon, VP, Global Brand Creative on Hot Wheels, explains how they captured that attitude: "Hot Wheels has always been about inspiring and celebrating the challenger spirit – that try, fail, repeat attitude – which is at the heart of action sports. We want to fuel the passion of this incredible community that’s driven by their relentless pursuit of greatness."

Adds Kenny: "Hot Wheels embodies the spirit of play when it comes to motocross. We're trying to create a fun atmosphere, a cool vibe."

The resulting capsule collection meets the need and evokes the speed. Spanning 25 key pieces, you'll find staples like T-shirts and caps to weather-ready items including jackets, beanies and umbrellas. All of it feels pit-legit and track certified.