The Ultimate Bounty for the the Ultimate Cause.

The Ultimate Bounty for the the Ultimate Cause.

The Ultimate Bounty for the the Ultimate Cause.

The Ultimate Bounty for the the Ultimate Cause.

Led by Mattel Designer, Michael Kadile, this amazing levitating masterpiece was a labor of love. You might have to fend off a few bounty hunters (or other bidders) and Imperial Troopers to bring him home, but this unbelievable item can be yours! Bidding is open on eBay from February 26th until March 5th. 100% of the final auction price* goes to ProjectArt - a charity that shares our commitment to empowering the next generation of creators.

"Everyone working on the project were big fans of the show. So we all had an extra incentive to make this one extra special. Oddly enough, the toy ended up training me."
-Michael Kadile


Collaboration and giving back have been a consistent and integral part of Mattel's heritage. In that spirit, we are so excited to team up with ProjectArt, an award-winning non-profit organization that offers tuition-free, after-school, art classes to children in divested areas. Our team is proud to support such a worth and important cause and we can't wait to connect with rising students over our shared love of creativity.

The mission of Mattel Creations is to build a community of creators, collaborators, and innovators. ProjectArt dedicates endless hours to this mission by introducing art to kids who might not normally get the chance.

In addition to the support of ProjectArt through this auction, Mattel will be demonstrating their commitment to creative arts education by generously funding the Los Angeles chapter for 2021.

A Dream Job Withing a Dream Job

That's what creating this levitating pram and 11-inch plush version of The Child was for our designers. Michael Kadile led the team that is not only known for creating amazing, life-like toys, but also for having to one-up themselves with each new creation. After seeing how the Child got around in The Mandalorian, the design team simply had to replicate the floating pram. So after many, many hours of brainstorming they figured out a way to do it - by useing a magnetic levitation device! The team's "let's go for it and see what happens" attitude paid off and they were able to design and produce this magnificent collectible. Every person who touched this project is a fan of the Star Wars franchise and the enthusiasm shows in every detail. This was truly a labor of love for ever single person involved.

What a Precious Little Creature

No Star Wars collection is complete without the Child, and our designers worked tirelessly to make sure this version and its pram didn't disappoint.