Well, actually it was a garage, where they were challenged by our co-founder, Elliot Handler, to create a toy car that was cooler and faster than anything on the market. The result was a die-cast car with a special axle and wheel combo that made it the fastest roller of its day. The Hot Wheels® car was born. One of the most iconic Hot Wheels cars ever launched was the Bone Shaker®, imagined by one of our most legendary designers, Larry Wood.

Travis Ragsdale

Travis Ragsdale is a designer and animator based in Dallas, Texas, whose primary talents include turning real-life objects into vivid three-dimensional playthings.

He describes his work as, "…colorful and playful. Playing with colors is my favorite part. When I create, I like it to be super colorful, or I enjoy finding good complementary colors. Overall, I would say it's just kind of playful and fun."

We are so proud to have created a brand like Hot Wheels®. What is your connection to it?

"I had them as a kid. They always say Hot Wheels is everybody's first car, so technically that was my first car. It's cool for kids to be able to build something for themselves and figure out if it works through trial-and-error, like setting up the track. I think that's good for kids to be able to do that."

Your Bone Shaker® animation is wild! How did you come up with this? What about Bone Shaker took you there?

"I wanted to use the classic orange [Hot Wheels] track, because I remember having that. You click it together and you can build tracks in all different formations. I concepted out the idea — like what the video shots were going to look like — and did sketches of each scene. I used paper textures for the blues in the scenes, because I wanted it to look miniature and small."

We know you work with lots of big companies. What was it like to work with us?

"It's been great. When I got on that first call, I can't remember who it was with, but he was so into Hot Wheels. It was cool because it shows you’re actually really interested in what you’re working on."

Travis Ragsdale sits at his desk and draws on iPad
Travis Ragsdale sits at his couch drawing on his iPad
Travis Ragsdale zooms in on Hot Wheels sketch on his iPad
Travis Ragsdale sits at his computer working on Hot Wheels animation
Sketchbook and iPad on table featuring artwork of Travis Ragsdale for Hot Wheels