Purchasing Mattel Creations Collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con: Guide to Terms and Conditions

We can’t wait to see you in person at Booth #2945 during the world's most amazing convention for comic book fans and culture. If you’re hoping to get our collectibles while you’re at SDCC, this guide is for you.

Please note: This guide applies ONLY to in-person sales at San Diego Comic-Con. It does NOT apply to online sales conducted at MattelCreations.com.


There are two ways fans can purchase Mattel Creations collectibles in person at SDCC:

  1. Badged Comic-Con participants can apply via 2024 “SDCC Exclusive Portal” for a randomly assigned 60-minute shopping time slot at the Mattel Creations booth
  2. Visit the Mattel Creations booth later in the day, after all randomly assigned time slots

Specific dates and times for randomly assigned time slots and public access will be posted closer to the event.

Applying via the 2024 “SDCC Exclusive Portal” does not guarantee that you’ll be selected for a shopping time slot. You can only apply for a randomly assigned time slot if you’re already a badged SDCC participant. You can only be selected for a maximum of one time slot per day, on a day that you are already attending SDCC.

There will be purchase limits on all Mattel Creations items, regardless of whether you enter the Mattel Creations booth with a randomly assigned time slot or during the public access window. Visiting the booth does not guarantee you the opportunity to purchase any specific items at the booth, as products are offered while supplies last.

How to Apply for a Randomly Assigned Shopping Time Slot Through SDCC

For those attending the event, Comic-Con International is offering access to Mattel Creations collectibles through their 2024 “SDCC Exclusive Portal.” To apply for a time slot:

  1. Badged participants can log in with your Member ID to access the portal at https://comic-con.configio.com/login.
  2. Follow the instructions in the portal to complete your submission of interest in randomly assigned time slots.
  3. You’ll also be required to accept the terms and conditions for application from Comic-Con International.
  4. Submit your application no later than July 18, 2024 at 11:59pm PT.

If selected, you’ll receive a confirmation email on or about July 19, 2024, which will contain a QR code and the date(s) and time(s) of your shopping time slot at the Mattel Creations booth. You cannot request to change or trade your assigned shopping window if you are selected. Refer to Comic-Con International’s Disclaimers and Terms & Conditions, which will be presented to you during the checkout process within the “SDCC Exclusive Portal,” for more details.

Plan to arrive at the Mattel Creations booth (#2945) a few minutes before your scheduled time slot with your confirmation QR code, and photo identification that matches the name on your application and confirmation email, to access your shopping opportunity.

If you’re not selected, you may still have an opportunity to shop at the Mattel Creations booth during the public access period, which will be open for a few hours in the afternoon until the show floor closes, each day during SDCC.

Payment Options Available at Our Booth

Mattel Creations will use Square as its payment vendor at SDCC. Square accepts the following payment options:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Cash App
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

As in previous years, we will NOT accept cash as a payment option in our booth.

We wish you the best of luck in your epic quest to get all the collectibles you desire!