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Hot Wheels Star Wars Razor Crest Starship

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Hot Wheels Star Wars Razor Crest Starship


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Protect the galaxy with the Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ Razor Crest™ that's just like the one from The Mandalorian™. This premium diecast starship collectible is designed to evoke Beskar™, the legendary Mandalorian steel known for its protective properties and frequently used in Mandalorian armor. It comes in a cylindrical Camtono Case™ -- a special collector's item as treasured as the valuable starship it holds -- and includes a stand for the ship and a Beskar™ ingot. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Hot Wheels Star Wars Razor Crest Starship
  • Pre-Empire Military Patrol Craft made of diecast metal
  • Deco is inspired by Beskar metal, the nearly impenetrable steel that became rare and valuable after the Fall of the Empire
  • Special collector’s packaging designed as a Camtono Case with the starship, a display stand, and Beskar ingot bar inside

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