RLC Overdrive FAQ

RLC Overdrive FAQ

How does RLC™ Overdrive work?

RLC Overdrive (“Overdrive”) is a program that eligible Red Line Club (“RLC”) members can add to their membership to allow them to automatically purchase every RLC™ exclusive die-cast (“RLC Drop”) during the calendar year. When each RLC Drop is announced, members can either:

  1. Automatically purchase the die-cast. If Overdrive members do nothing, they will automatically purchase the applicable die-cast vehicle and their credit card will be charged for the purchase price of the product plus applicable shipping, handling, and tax 2 days prior to the drop ; or
  2. Skip this particular die-cast via the process described below. To participate in RLC Overdrive, eligible RLC members must pay a non-refundable sign-up fee .

Am I eligible to participate in Overdrive?

To be eligible to sign up for Overdrive: (a) you must be an active RLC™ member; (b) your residential address must be in the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and territories of the United States; and (c) you must pay the non-refundable initial sign-up fee as indicated on the Overdrive page.

Do I have to have an active RLC Membership to purchase RLC Overdrive?

Yes. You must have an active RLC Membership to purchase Overdrive. You can purchase both RLC Membership and Overdrive at the same time by adding both RLC Membership and RLC Overdrive into your Mattel Creations shopping cart and completing your purchase.

How long does my Overdrive membership last?

The Overdrive membership expires on December 31 of the current year.

If my RLC Membership expires, what happens to my RLC Overdrive?

You must have an active RLC Membership to participate in Overdrive. If your RLC membership expires during the calendar year, you must renew it prior to the next RLC Drop to continue to participate in Overdrive. Mattel Creations will reserve the right to pause future Overdrive die-cast purchases.

How much does Overdrive cost?

The non-refundable sign-up fee for Overdrive is indicated on the Overdrive product page on creations.mattel.com. In addition to the Overdrive sign-up fee, you will also be charged the full price of each RLC Drop plus applicable sales tax and shipping fees (unless you skip an RLC Drop).

What products are included in RLC Overdrive?

Overdrive only allows you to automatically purchase RLC-Exclusive die-cast vehicles . Overdrive does not include RLC sELECTIONs or other made-to-order die-casts. Overdrive also does not include other non-exclusive RLC or Hot Wheels products, including Elite 64 and non-die-cast products such as accessories or clothing.

How do I skip an RLC diecast that’s part of RLC Overdrive but that I don’t want to buy?

You may skip an Overdrive-eligible RLC-Exclusive drop by signing into Mattel Creations, going to “My Account” and following the skip instructions from there. You can choose to skip an RLC Drop after Mattel Creations identifies the RLC Drop and before the RLC Drop is open to RLC members who do not have Overdrive.

What happens if I don’t skip an RLC Drop that’s part of RLC Overdrive before the “skip by” date?

If you do not skip an RLC Drop before the skip by date indicated in your Mattel Creations account, you will automatically purchase the RLC Drop vehicle and Mattel Creations will charge your credit card the product price, plus applicable shipping, handling, and taxes.

If the Skip Window is fewer than 10 days and you automatically purchase the RLC Drop but wish to return it, you may return the RLC Drop and receive a refund for your purchase, including shipping and handling costs.

How do I change the credit card being used to pay for each RLC Overdrive Drop?

To change or update the credit card being charged for each drop as part of Overdrive, sign into Mattel Creations, go to “My Account,” navigate to RLC Overdrive, select change billing, and complete the prompt that is emailed to you.

What if I want to buy more than one specific RLC Overdrive vehicle?

Overdrive allows an individual to automatically purchase one (1) item per RLC drop. If you would like to purchase more than one of the product, you can attempt to purchase additional units when the item is available to non-Overdrive RLC Members. Overdrive members must abide by the product purchase limit on the product description page. Any product that you purchase through Overdrive will count towards your overall purchase limit.

What if I decide I want to cancel my RLC Overdrive?

You may cancel Overdrive anytime by signing into Mattel Creations, going to “My Account” and following the cancellation instructions there. You may also reach out to Mattel Customer Service to cancel Overdrive. The sign-up fee is not refundable.

How frequently will product drops be announced?

There are at least 15 RLC Drops per year, spanning 1-3 weeks apart. There may be more than 15 RLC Drops in a year.

Is RLC Overdrive available to individuals outside of the US?

At this time, RLC Overdrive is only available to residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and territories of the United States.