• Barbie Rewind Doll – Movie Night
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Barbie Rewind Doll – Movie Night

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Barbie Rewind Doll – Movie Night


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The Barbie Rewind series is a love letter to the ‘80s, and this movie night doll is a way-cool addition. Our moviegoer wears a graphic tee with a peplum overshirt and speckled biker shorts. No matter the length of the ticket line, she’s prepared in her leg warmers and hot pink sneakers. And what is Barbie’s go-to accessory for her voluminous black hair? A scrunchie – duh! She’s also wearing iconic popcorn earrings and chunky oversized bracelets. 

  • Barbie® Doll, Black Hair, 80s-Inspired Movie Night, Barbie Rewind™ Series 
  • Release Date: 2/8/2023 
  • Designer: Javier Meabe 
  • Label: Black 
  • Face Sculpt: Superstar Kira 
  • Body Type: Articulated, “clicky” legs

Her accessories include all the movie must-haves: a bucket of popcorn (with a vintage Barbie logo), a milkshake crossbody bag, slushie, pretzel, ticket stubs, 3D glasses, and a tray to carry it all.    

Doll cannot stand alone. Doll stand and retro Barbie hairbrush included. Color and decorations may vary.