Stacking the Deck

Stacking the Deck

Mattel Creations proudly partners with the Museum of Graffiti to celebrate street art during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Deal Us In

When it comes to collaborating with contemporary artists, we're all about providing a canvas for creativity. And making it happen during cultural moments is a way of cranking up the colors even brighter. So, we're wild about our partnership with Miami's Museum of Graffiti on this special street artists-edition UNO deck—capped off with card artwork painted live during our iconic Art Basel event called Stack the Deck.

The Writing's on the Wall

Located in the epicenter of Miami's Wynwood street art district, the Museum of Graffiti features a permanent collection chronicling over 60 years of graffiti and street art history, plus temporary exhibition spaces and large-scale murals to deliver the message to the masses. Working with Mattel Creations, the Museum of Graffiti tapped their worldwide network of street art wizards to create a special UNO deck. Featuring the vibrant colors and aerosol aesthetics from a diverse group of eight men and women, the deck artwork represents a wide variety of street art styles.

Graffiti fans will witness the legitness of Finok, Ladie One, Merlot, Queen Andrea, RasTerms, Sneke One, Tones Rock, and Yubia. Collaborating with these heavy hitters on this project, we discovered that, like UNO players, street artists are always strategic and ready to burn the competition in the spirit of play.

Wild is the Style

Art Basel Miami Beach is a fabled festival of creativity. Picture tens of thousands of curators, collectors, critics, and artists from around the world taking part in the cornucopia of galleries, visually charged environments, panel discussions, and more. To mark the occasion, the Museum of Graffiti is giving visitors and fans a front-row seat to the creative process: On site during the event, eight UNO ‘WILD’ cards will be painted live. In addition to the ‘WILD’ cards, each artist will also pre-design two UNO cards.

A Creative Calling Card

We chose eight street artists from around the globe to represent a range of amazing styles within this limited-edition deck, including:

Tones Rock

Hailing from Switzerland, Tones Rock has been immersed in the graffiti scene since 2000. Taking cues from traditional New York style, Tones is known as a funky technician who makes letters dance and flow. His ever-evolving approach reflects the time he's put into the game. Traveling around the world participating in graffiti festivals, he interacts with the iconic street artists in each city. He also brings comic book-inspired illustrations into his work, creating micro-stories about the saga of art in the streets.


Miami-born graffiti pioneer RasTerms was one of the first artists to paintwalls in the historic Wynwood Art District. Earning his reputation as a masterof letters, his work brings together ancient traditions across a diverse anddynamic style that transcends time, culture, and the human condition. Reflecting on thecollaboration, RasTerms notes, "UNO strengthens the mind and brings people together to have fun,keeping us connected to the colorful world where we live and play."

Sneke One

Sneke One is a legendary fixture of Seattle, Washington's tight-knit graffiti and Hip-Hop scene. Along with his crew, DVS, Sneke has left an indelible mark on the Pacific Northwest. Never limiting himself to one territory, he's also made many murals (both commissioned and impromptu) in public places and gallery walls worldwide. Delivering his aerosol "style writing" through a variety of shapes, symbols, and colorful bursts of abstract magnificence, Sneke's repertoire includes canvas, vinyl, foam core, and layered wood. The dimension and depth speak to Sneke's mastery of the craft.

Queen Andrea

Queen Andrea hails from Manhattan. A fine artist, graffiti writer, typographer, andgraphic designer, she grew up inspired by the urban landscape. Befriending someof NYC's most prolific old-school subway graffiti writers, she developed herbold style using uplifting colors, advanced typography, and phrasing that drips with positivity. "Like UNO, my art involves being at the top of yourgame," explains the Queen. "It's exciting, requires a technique and strategic thinking, and you never know what can happen. It's all about having fun and going with the flow."


Seattle-based artist Merlot is driven by fearless experimentation. Her work blends textures, patterns, and lettering in a constantly evolving,always colorful style. Merlot's masterpieces are emblazoned across walls andtrains in North America, Europe, Asia, and Israel. Asked about the art/UNO correlation, Merlot mused, "I may not know what I want to paint in themoment, but then I'll stumble on some inspiration. And like art, each draw from theUNO deck is a mystery that can unlock inspiration. Art and UNO also share a bitof that competitiveness that makes you want to push yourself further."


Bilbao-born artist and illustrator Yubia hasbeen painting graffiti for two decades. Her bright, simple shapes and childish figuresevoke a clean, refined style that pops. At first glance, Yubia's work seemsnaïve. But closer inspection reveals clever illustrated commentaries on contemporary life, colorfullycoexisting on the streets of Barcelona,juxtaposed by the rawness of cement and urban asphalt. "The way Isee it, street art and UNO are both games full of rounds in which sometimes youwin, and sometimes you lose," she reflects.

Ladie One

LA-based Ladie One is a graffiti artist and part of the world-famous Heartbreakerz crew. Featuring 23 women representing different disciplines of Hip-Hop, the Heartbreakerz skillsets includes DJing, MCing, dancing, and graffiti. Ladie One has traveled the world painting, competing, and winning. Her colorful murals embody Cali-style street cred, featuring intricate and expressive lettering. Paralleling her graffiti life, Ladie One is also a make-up artist for the film industry, helping tell stories and transform characters through her art.


Finok is one of the most prolific names on the streets of São Paulo. Finok entered the world of graffiti while running with the VLOK crew—the storied street-art syndicate that made Brazil the heart of South American graffiti culture. Finok became an artistic force by blending Brazilian folk art with layered meanings from everyday life. His murals playfully interact with the environment. States Finok, "As with UNO, in my field of work, I create a lot of patterns. I think carefully about the colors I'm going to use. But the end result always turns out to be a surprise, even to me."

A Show of Hands

The Museum of Graffiti x UNO deck featuring these eight artists will be capped off with an amazing twist: in addition to the artists designing two cards each in advance, the entire crew will also create ‘WILD’ card artwork live during Art Basel Miami Beach. Available for order-on-demand from December 2 through December 16, final decks will be delivered in early 2023.