• UNO LVIII Super Bowl Card Game Kansas City Chiefs
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UNO LVIII Super Bowl Card Game Kansas City Chiefs

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UNO LVIII Super Bowl Card Game Kansas City Chiefs

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UNO LVIII Super Bowl brings fans together with a deck inspired by the NFL. Players still try to match colors and numbers, and when someone plays the special wild “Touchdown” card, the last player to raise their hands to signal a touchdown must draw 3 cards! And when down to their last card, players don’t do an end zone dance, they yell “UNO!”

  • UNO® Fandom Super Bowl LVIII
  • The UNO game players love features images of players from the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Game play matches the classic card game where players match colors and numbers to get rid of all their cards.
  • The special “Touchdown” rule forces the last player to signal a touchdown to draw 3 cards.
  • The deck comes with a special Foil Card, which can be saved as a collectible or used in the game.
  • The game is part of the UNO Fandom series, exclusive decks that are produced in small batches and not offered anywhere else.
  • Package dimensions: 3.63 x 5.75 x .75”

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