• Matchbox ’65 Land Rover Gen II Safari
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Matchbox ’65 Land Rover Gen II Safari

Exclusive Sold Out Matchbox Collectors

Matchbox ’65 Land Rover Gen II Safari

Ft 12.200

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The Land Rover was designed to go global. Africa. Australia. The Middle East. The Far East. The rugged outdoor traveler even showed up at Matchbox in 1966, suitcases on roof, and eventually a safari rack. Tough like that deserves a break – with the first appearance of a new surfboard rack! Now this superior edition of the Land Rover Gen II Safari, including full interior, removable topper, and detailed base deco, joins the new Matchbox Collectors line!

Not only would this beauty scream adventure stripped down, but tricked out? You’re clearly hittin’ the waves, dude. And from the terrain on the molded base, expect some gnarly tubes. Good thing you’ve got True Grip wheels with off-road tires to get you to the sand. Catch the waves on the environment-themed panoramic background, but never worry that this power piece will get you home and liven up your collection.


  • Features: Removable surfboards topper (first appearance!)
  • Body Color: Matte yellow
  • Deco: Blue and white surfboards on roof; brown, tan, white, and black stripes on sides and rear; SURF RIDERS SHOP logo on sides and rear; Land Rover logos on front and sides
  • Body Type: ZAMAC
  • Wheels: True grip wheels with off-road tires
  • Base: White ABS
  • Window Color: Light blue-green-tinted
  • Interior Color: Tan (full interior)


  • Packaged in an oversized acrylic case with a terrain-molded base and environment-themed panorama background in a window box with a sturdy outer box


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