• Hot Wheels Kar Keepers and Track
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Hot Wheels Kar Keepers and Track

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Hot Wheels Kar Keepers and Track

Ft 7.200

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Because you demanded it! What’s the way to keep your collection in pristine shape when you want to keep them on the blister cards? Our Kar Keepers clamshell cases, of course! Plus, in this kit we've included a length of exclusive Hot Wheels Collectors Track with two connectors!

These Kar Keepers are your best bets to avoid bent corners, scratching, ripping, and warping of our standard sized blister cards. Those things are works of art, so you want to protect them, right? The kit includes 10 Kar Keepers.

And what’s more fun than hitting the track with the cars you do open? Slip this length of logo-emblazoned track into your next configuration to proudly show off your status as a Hot Wheels collector! The contains one length of track and two connectors.


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