• 2023 Barbie Lunar New Year Doll Designed by Guo Pei

2023 Barbie Lunar New Year Doll Designed by Guo Pei

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2023 Barbie Lunar New Year Doll Designed by Guo Pei

Ft 39.500
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We partnered with renowned Chinese couturier Guo Pei once again to create a resplendent two-piece couture look inspired by a design from one of her past collections. Draped in classic Chinese royal blue, this stunning doll features sumptuous dragon embroidery, balancing artistic heritage with contemporary innovation through Guo Pei’s signature craftsmanship. Golden earrings, a sparkly statement ring, and gold colored pumps complement the custom creation.
  • Release Date: 1/5/2023
  • Designer: Joyce Chen
  • Label: Gold
  • Face Sculpt: Mari
  • Body Type: Model Muse

Limit three (3) per person. Doll cannot stand alone. Includes doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Colors and decorations may vary. Designed by: Guo Pei. Facilitated by: Asian Couture Federation.



Guo Pei is widely known for the intricate and symbolic embroidery she weaves into her couture designs. We’re awestruck by her latest outfit, featuring a dragon motif that signifies strength and good fortune.


“The inspiration for this year’s doll comes from a design in one of Guo Pei’s past collections,” says designer Joyce Chen, who also worked with her on the 2022 doll.


“The intricate embroidery is one of the most striking details on this doll,” Joyce says. “We were able to capture all the colors and detailed artwork in this more modern silhouette for a Chinese traditional dress.”