• Samantha Cristoforetti Barbie Doll
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Samantha Cristoforetti Barbie Doll

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Samantha Cristoforetti Barbie Doll


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Samantha Cristoforetti is honored as a Barbie role model. As an aviator, engineer and astronaut of ESA (the European Space Agency), Samantha is proof that hard work can lead to great heights. Samantha Cristoforetti Barbie doll is ready for liftoff in a helmet and spacesuit with patches representing the ESA emblem, EVA insignia and the Italian flag. Created in her likeness and featuring articulation for dynamic poses, Samantha Cristoforetti Barbie doll makes a great gift for collectors and kids ages 6 years and up, especially those interested in STEM. Girls need more role models like Samantha, because imagining they can be anything is just the beginning. Actually seeing it can make all the difference. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Release Date: 8/18/2021
  • Designer: Carlyle Nuera
  • Label: Black
  • Facial sculpt: Violet
  • Body Type: Made to Move - Curvy
  • Eyelashes: Painted
  • Fashion: Spacesuit
  • Fashion Sewn On?: No
  • Doll Stand: Yes
  • Included with doll: Helmet, space suit, boots, gloves, doll stand
  • Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 12.7" x 2.5" x 7"

ESA name and ESA logotype are registered trademarks of the European Space Agency (ESA).This product is developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) for the purpose of fostering children’s interest in space science. ESA is not involved in the manufacturing and commercialization of this product. Neither ESA nor the astronaut receive any royalties from the sale of this product.