• Boss Beauties x Barbie Role Models: Pack of 4 Virtual Collectibles
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Boss Beauties x Barbie Role Models: Pack of 4 Virtual Collectibles


Boss Beauties x Barbie Role Models: Pack of 4 Virtual Collectibles

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Limit 8
Per Order
UPDATE: The start of redemptions for all Boss Beauties x Barbie virtual collectibles is changing from July 1, 2023 to July 14, 2023. Please be sure to claim and open all of your packs by July 13, 2023 in order to receive your redeemable perks.  

We’ve partnered with Boss Beauties to offer you a whole new way to collect Barbie career dolls! And each asset comes with at least one exciting perk, too. We’re celebrating our collaboration by donating $250,000 to the Barbie Dream Gap Project and the Boss Beauties Foundation. Grab these virtual collectibles and help inspire the limitless potential in the next generation of girls.  Each pack includes two “Common” cards and one “Uncommon” card. The 4th card will be from one of the other four rarities. All six rarities grant you access to the "Career Conversations.” Three of them come with additional perks. Here’s the percentage breakdown for each. 
  • 53.80% – Common 
  • 24.21% – Uncommon 
  • 16.14% – Rare 
  • 4.30% – Super Rare – includes Career Sticker Pack* 
  • 0.67% – Ultra Rare – includes Career of the Year Doll Set* 
  • 0.47% –Exclusive – includes World of Barbie Ticket 
Early Access Bonus: People who purchase their packs during the limited window on May 10 will also receive a surprise virtual collectible, different from any of the others in the catalog for this drop. (Item to be revealed in July 2023.**) 

Limit eight (8) packs per order. No limits on the number of orders per household. All virtual collectible images are 3D renderings. Final products may vary. During the month of July 2023, virtual collectible holders will receive instructions for claiming the perks associated with their virtual collectibles. Perks must be claimed during the Redemption Period, the dates for which will be included with the redemption instructions.

*Design prototypes only. Final production design, colors, and textures may vary. 
**Bonus offer may be modified, suspended, or cancelled in Mattel's sole and absolute discretion.

This offer is for a virtual collectible. It is not an offer to sell or transfer intellectual property rights in Barbie, Boss Beauties, or the virtual collectible artwork itself. The virtual collectible and virtual collectible artwork is subject to this EULA: https://www.mattel.com/Mattel_Digital_Collectible_Purchase-and-License-Agreement. 
Advertised price is the price as of the virtual collectible drop date. Virtual collectible value after the drop may fluctuate.  

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