• RLC Exclusive 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Lowrider
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RLC Exclusive 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Lowrider

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RLC Exclusive 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Lowrider


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The lowrider is one of the most prolific car styles to come out of southern California due to their colorful paint jobs and hydraulic suspensions. These unique rides quickly became fan favorites, and the 1975 Chevy Monte Carlo is a coveted car in the community. Our new model proudly represents it, with an articulated suspension that allows for an adjustable stance from high to low and even drops to a three-wheel motion. Its customized license plate reads ‘WESTSID’ as an additional nod to its origins.
  • Release Date: 3/21/2023
  • RLC Exclusive 1975 Chevrolet® Monte Carlo™ Lowrider
  • Features: Adjustable suspension
  • Body Color: Spectraflame antifreeze
  • Body Type: ZAMAC
  • Deco: Pinstripes and custom patterns run smooth along the long-flared fender and quarter panels
  • Wheels: Real Riders Low Rider wheels with white stripe tampo
  • Base: Full-metal, chrome plated chassis
  • Window Color: Light smoke-tinted
  • Interior Color: Antifreeze
  • Scale: 1:64

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