Up for auction. Unnamed, adorable species. Levitates.​

Led by Mattel Designer, Michael Kadile, this amazing levitating masterpiece was a labor of love. You might have to fend off a few bounty hunters (or other bidders) and Imperial Troopers to bring him home, but this unbelievable item can be yours! Bidding is open on eBay from February 26th until March 5th. 100% of the final auction price* goes to ProjectArt—a charity that shares our commitment to empowering the next generation of creators.



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Collaboration and giving back have been a consistent and integral part of Mattel’s heritage. In that spirit, we are so excited to team up with ProjectArt, an award-winning non-profit organization that offers tuition-free, after-school, art classes to children in divested areas. Our team is proud to support such a worthy and important cause and we can’t wait to connect with rising students over our shared love of creativity.


Ruben Martinez was introduced to Shogun Warriors when he was a kid. Ruben’s love of these mechs led him to eventually work for Mattel where he is now Senior Manager on MOTU® and sits at a desk adorned with giant mech toys. Because Mattel was one of the first to introduce U.S. children to Japanese toys with Shogun figures and also the pioneers who created MOTU, a Shogun Skeletor is the perfect pairing of two iconic lines. And a totally rad way to relive the decade when these toys were created, the awesome 80s. It all started with Ruben and fellow MOTU designer, Terrence Higuchi talking about Skeletor stealing tech ideas from another land to create and pilot a Shogun version of himself. (Yes. They get paid to do this.)

The mission of Mattel Creations is to build a community of creators, collaborators, and innovators. ProjectArt dedicates endless hours to this mission by introducing art to kids who might not normally get the chance.​​

​In addition to the support of ProjectArt through this auction, Mattel will be demonstrating their commitment to creative arts education by generously funding the Los Angeles chapter for 2021.