The Shining Grady Twins Monster High® Collector Dolls


Will this pair of Skullector™ dolls come play with you? Absolutely, we’re glad you axed. These twin ghouls are forever looking for a friend, and you’re checking in just in time. Straight from the hallways of the Overlook Hotel – and from the makers of Monster High™ – it’s The Shining Grady Twins Skullector™ doll two-pack.

We captured their killer style, from their pin-tucked blue dresses to their infamous axe barrettes, and hedge maze mary-jane shoes. Their hauntingly boo-tiful and unique facial expressions are
to die for.

We included additional accessories inspired by the film, including a key to room 237, A page from jack’s typewriter, and their favorite tennis ball. After all, all work and no play… well, you know the rest.