Not just some buildable bunny!

We built a version of Frank Kozik’s iconic brainchild unlike any you’ve seen before.


“We have Kozik’s art all around the office and the Labbit is the one figure that pops up the most – the inspiration for it is literally all around us! To say that we were excited about this collaboration would be a huge understatement. Kozik’s work shares a playful energy with that of our own, so for me this was the perfect collab. And I think this harmony is reflected in the final product. This is a match made in designer collectable heaven!”

- Felipe Rojas
Sr. Product Designer


MEGA® Collabs fuses designer collectibles with building to deliver a curated collection of exclusive collectibles. We profile graphic artist and collectible designer pioneer Frank Kozik, toy designer Felipe Rojas and graphic designer Yanick Blanchet to give you the behind-the-scenes goods about how this partnership was built.


A prolific artist with 40 years of creating and shaping pop culture, Frank Kozik is the CCO of Kidrobot, North America’s premier Designer Toy brand. As a lifelong toy collector, Kozik was heavily influenced by Harajuku toy makers of the 90’s – this is where the original concept for the “Smorkin’ Labbit” arose. Created in ’97, Labbit was Kozik’s desire to pursue a character as iconic as Hello Kitty, but with a more tongue-in-cheek sensibility. Eminently successful, Labbit follows a design aesthetic that pops with personality, while still offering enough ambiguity for its ‘owner’ to imbue it with their own sensibility. Kozik notes that the MEGA® Collabs Labbit mirrors his own lifelong fascination with collage, as it works to further strengthen the bond between ‘toy/character’ and its owner through the building process.


Felipe Rojas has been a part of the Mega™ team for close to a decade now. This toy designer is a purveyor of pop culture, and Felipe instills this passion into his designs as much as possible – he was the perfect fit for this project. He credits the amazing team for making this one of his most successful projects to date. That, and getting to work on one of his favorite designer toys of all time. That said, the project did not come without its challenges: To create Labbit’s iconic curvatures, the pieces had to follow a constant shape transition to not just line up smoothly together, but to replicate the original design faithfully. But the hard work paid off. In fact, Felipe had been planning a Kozik build for some time. Fun fact: The original prototype was actually of the “Bone Bunny” Labbit, complete with skeleton pieces. And if it were up to Felipe, we’ll be building even more of Kozik’s work down the line…


Not only a talented graphic designer for the Mega™ team, Yanick is also an avid artist and, even more to the point, a passionate vinyl art collector and enthusiast. His insight on this project has proved to be paramount because, simply put, the man is all about authenticity. Yanick’s been chomping at the bit in bringing his two passions together and, in his words, merging designer toys with construction toys “has been a dream come true”. Basically, Yan’s been pushing this idea for 3 years now, so that fact that it’s happening is kinda blowing his mind. Right from the jump he’s wanted us to make a buildable Labbit, so the fact that he’s the man designing all the branding for it is “cool”. But seriously, Yanick’s super proud of the collaboration, and can’t wait to put his MEGA® Collabs Labbit up on display alongside his other collectibles like his Slap Happy, Kaws Companion, Uncle Six Eyes Bust, Pink Ganesh, Ahwroo and, of course, Kozik’s own Ludwig Van Bust and Smorkin’ Labbit.